World Domination '99: Dreff's Revenge

This is the homepage of World Domination '99, the 1999 Netrunner World Championships, organized by the Top Runners' Conference, the official Netrunner player organization.

World Domination '99 Committee:

Lukas Kautzsch, Karlsruhe, Germany (chair)
Josh Berling, Chicago, USA
Paulo de Tarso, Floripa, Brazil

World Domination '99 time frame:

World Domination Qualifiers (WDQ): March 12 - April 25 1999.
World Domination (WD) Round 1: June - August 1999.
World Domination Finals: September - October 1999.

WD'99 Finals

WD Round 1 Events

Date and Time Location Organizer Head Judge #Players Qualified
99/06/12 10:30 Marshak's House of Fantasy, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, Tel. (970) 224-3599 Tobin Lopes   6 David Bartholow
99/06/19 12:00 PTV-Haus, Stumpfstr. 1, Karlsruhe, Germany, Tel. 0721/9651-428 Lukas Kautzsch Lukas Kautzsch 8 Holger Janssen
99/06/19-99/08/13 IRC Europe Lukas Kautzsch Lukas Kautzsch 9 Philip Harvey 
99/06/19-99/09/12 IRC America Tim Guillette / Lukas Kautzsch Tim Guillette / Lukas Kautzsch 8 Scott Dickie
99/06/27 12:00 "Sinéad's Ireland" pub, Vrij Enterpot, Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam, Netherlands Arjaan den Ouden Rik Geysels 8 Jens Kreutzer, Ocke Rörden
99/07/11 12:00 Neutral Ground, 122 W 26th St, Manhattan, New York City, USA Scott Zarcensky Tim Guillette 6 Richard Cripe
99/07/17 13:00 Arcadia Comics & Games, 5228 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105, USA, (206) 522-6575 Jennifer Clarke Wilkes   3 Byron Bailey

Every qualified player may choose one round 1 event to play in and should register for it at least one week in advance - either with the organizer or with the WD '99 Committee.
Nonqualified players may play in side events where available: In Rotterdam there are open tourneys on Saturday (99/06/26) and Sunday, in Karlsruhe only on Saturday, in Seattle on Sunday.

WDQ Events
Date and Time Location Organizer Head Judge #Players Qualified
99/03/13 ??? Pacifica Mark Davis   --- ? (probably did not happen)
99/03/14 10:00 The Gaming Hut, Goffs Lane, Goffs Oak, Enfield, UK Mark.Applin Philip Harvey 8 Nilesh Patel, Richard Gillingham
99/03/28 12:00 Realschule Schönberg, Friedhofsweg 8, 24217 Schönberg (near Kiel), Germany Daniel Schneider Daniel Schneider 8 Ocke Rörden, Bjarne Keppeler
99/04/03 11:00  Dragon's House, Florianpolis, Brazil Paulo de Tarso Paulo de Tarso 4 Andre Godoy
canceled!  Star Collectors, Park Ave., Mansfield, Ohio, USA Matthew Crabtree Matthew Crabtree --- canceled due to fire! 
99/04/10 Austin, Texas, USA Ben Ford   --- did not happen
99/04/10 11:00 Enchanted Grounds, Aurora, Denver, USA John Fiala Tobin Lopes 13 Brian Fenwick, John King, Brett Winter
99/04/10 12:00 PTV-Haus, Stumpfstr. 1, Karlsruhe, Germany Lukas Kautzsch Lukas Kautzsch 9 Thorsten Kootz, Ingmar Hofsäß 
99/04/10 12:00 "Karteltreff", "Sabel Schule", Schwanthaler Strasse 51, Munich, Germany Robert Suetterlin Holger Janssen 6 Thomas Geschwandtner
99/04/10 12:00 Hyperborea, 362 Sherbrooke west (corner Bleury), Montreal, Canada, (514) 849-5696 Francois Petitclerc   4 Francois Petitclerc
99/04/10 12:30 Monty's too, 280 SW Blue Parkway, Lee Summit, Missouri, USA, (816)554-1882 Jack Henry-Rhoads Jack Henry-Rhoads 4 J. Jurgens
99/04/10 13:00 Dragons Den, Saskatoon SK, Canada Jeff Sutherland Jeff Sutherland --- did not happen 
99/04/10 13:00 Outpost, Augustinergasse 5, Cologne, Germany Jens Kreutzer Jens Kreutzer 11 Stephen Holodinsky, Mathias Neuendorf
99/04/10  Berlin, Germany Felix Borchers   8 Lutz Hofmann, Matthias Nagy
99/04/10 (?) Vancouver, Canada D.J. Barens   4 Wyatt Cheng
99/04/11 09:00 (at Phantastacon XIII) Alternate Worlds, 76 Chapel St, Windsor 3181, Victoria, Australia. Joseph Italiano   4 Brian Smith
99/04/11 10:00 Veaudou Culture Center, Monthey (VS), Switzerland Nicolas Rudaz Michèle Graf 9 Nicolas Rudaz, Gabriel Burkhard 
99/04/11 11:00 Ecole Saint-Pierre, Rue du Vinave, 4540 Amay, Belgium Yves Savonet Stephen Holodinsky 14 Yves Savonet, Frank Crins, Sacha Bonroy
99/04/11 11:00 Fandom II, 162 Laurier Ave. W, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (613) 236-2972 David Faguy David Faguy 8 Sean Harvey, Chad O'Byrne 
99/04/11 12:00 Wizards of the Coast "Guildhouse", SeaTac Mall, Federal Way, WA, USA Jennifer Clarke Wilkes   7 Byron Bailey
99/04/11 13:00 Neutral Ground, 122 W 26th St, Manhattan, New York City, USA Scott Zarcensky Scott Zarcensky 4 Zvi Mowshowitz
99/04/11 13:15 University of Massachussetts Campus Center, Amherst, MA, USA Tim Guillette Tim Guillette  6 Dennis Backofen
99/04/11 14:00 Weizenbierhaus, Kronengasse 12, Ulm, Germany, 0731/62496 Norbert Neunzling Lukas Kautzsch 12 Andreas Gaisser, Dieter Geulen, Norbert Neunzling 
99/04/16 or /17 Chicago, USA Josh Berling Josh Berling --- did not happen
99/04/17 Michigan Tech Campus, Houghton, Michigan, USA Brandon Charnesky Raymond Yolkiewicz 5 Brandon Charnesky
99/04/25 Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK Sam Dale   8 Sam Dale, Rick Hudson.
99/04/24 10:00 Heroes for Sale, 225 High Street (near corner Manchester Street), Christchurch, New Zealand Erwin Wagner Erwin Wagner 4 Michelle Giddens
99/04/25 Minneapolis or Madison, USA Scott Dickie   4 Scott Dickie 
99/04/25 12:00 Holiday Inn Washington Dulles, VA, USA Doug Kaufman   12 Rick Cripe, Matt Blank, Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes
99/03/24-04/11 on IRC: in EFnet, on channel #netrunner Lukas Kautzsch Lukas Kautzsch 8 Jack Henry-Rhoads, Tim Guillette
  total     184  

Players prequalified for World Domination '99 Round 1
No. Name Country qualified by
1 Tobin Lopes USA 1. World Domination '98
2 David Bartholow USA 2. World Domination '98
3 Scott Zarcensky USA 3. World Domination '98
4 Philip Harvey UK 1. UK Nationals '98
5 Mark Applin UK 2. UK Nationals '98
6 Lee Walker UK 3. UK Nationals '98
7 Laurent Lavenant F 1. French Nationals '98
8 Gwenael Fortier F 2. French Nationals '98
9 Fred Vasseur F 3. French Nationals '98
10 Fred Chorein F 3. French Nationals '98
11 Chris Phillips USA 1. Northwest Regionals '98
12 Byron Massey USA 2. Northwest Regionals '98
13 Eric Kennedy USA 3. Northwest Regionals '98
14 Daniel Schneider D 1. German Nationals '98
15 Holger Janssen D 2. German Nationals '98
16 Jens Kreutzer D 3. German Nationals '98
17 Daniel Girardi BR 1. Brazil Nationals '99
18 Fabio Soares BR 2. Brazil Nationals '99
19 Guilherme Goes BR 4. Brazil Nationals '99

World Domination '99 Official Rules

0) For a tournament to qualify for WDQ/WD eligibility, it must conform strictly to each of the following items. Failure to comply means the WD Committee has the option to not include results from the event in WD '99.

1) The official TRC/DCI Tournament Rules must be followed, with modifications and additions as below.

2) The format for WDQ (meatspace plus possibly IRC) will be Sealed Deck: one starter and two boosters (one each 1.0 and 2.1).

3) The format for WD round 1 (meatspace plus IRC) will be Sealed Deck, too (possibly with new cards for each round).

4) The format for WD Finals (on IRC) will be Sealed Deck plus Unlimited Constructed. (For the determination of the IRC "sealed decks" the generator by yours truly will be used. There will be all new decks each round.)

5) All tournaments must use scoring by GMP (1 point per game win, 1 point for the match win) and round robin (up to 4 players) / Swiss Pairing as described below.
a) Tournaments with 4-8 players will have 3 rounds, with 9-16 players 4 rounds, with 17-32 players 5 rounds and so on. In WD round 1 at least 4 rounds are to be played (except when only 4 players take part). The Finals will have 3 rounds Sealed and 3 rounds Constructed (two independent Swiss tournaments, played in parallel).
b) Players are paired randomly during the first round.
c) Players are paired randomly with other players with the same record (total GMPs) in each successive round.
d) If there are an odd number of players with a certain record, a random player having the next lower record is bumped up.
e) If there are an odd total number of players, the lowest player (who has not got a bye before) gets a bye. A bye is counted as the average of the player's results from the other rounds (possibly changing its value after each round). A round 1 bye is counted as 1.5 GMP for the pairing of round 2.
f) For the final result tiebreakers are used in the following order: opponents' total GMPs, opponents' opponents' total GMPs, agenda point difference.

6) Every WDQ event must take part between March 12 and April 11 (exceptions only due to extraordinary circumstances).

7) Every WDQ tournament should be registered with the TRC at least three weeks in advance. To register, the date, time, and location (including country, city, and street address) of the tournament must be submitted to the WD Committee. Confirmation of registration will be within 72 hours. To get DCI sanctioning (and DCI prize support) the DCI must be contacted directly.

8) Detailed results (including all single game results as well as name, country, city, and street address of each player) of a WDQ event must be submitted to the WD Committee within two weeks after the tournament and not after midnight GMT, April 18, 1999. Confirmation that results were received will be sent within 72 hours.

9) A WDQ event must have a minimum attendance of 4 players. At least the same 4 players must complete play in every round. Games called for time are considered complete.

10) A judge of a WDQ/WD event may play in his own tournament but is urged not to do so. (If the judge is playing, there will be no DCI sanctioning for that tournament.) If places are limited in WDQ/WD IRC events, judges of meatspace events will take precedence.

11) The top 3 from WD '98 plus the top 3 each from the UK, French and German Nationals '98, the North Western Regionals '98 and the Brazil Nationals '99 are prequalified for WD round 1.

12) Players prequalified for WD round 1 may *not* play in WDQ (but may serve as judges...).

13) A player may not play in more than one WDQ event.

14) From a WDQ tournament of n players the top n/4 players (rounded down) advance to the first round of WD. (4-7: 1 player, 8-11: 2, 12-15: 3, 16-19: 4, ...)

15) A player qualified for WD round 1 is free to chose the WD round 1 event of his liking (IRC places may be limited, with WD round 1 judges taking precedence).

16) There will be a total of 8 WD round 1 tournaments (probably 6-7 in meatspace, 1-2 on IRC) with times and places to be determined after the WDQ attendance numbers are known. (Time frame: June / early July; tentative geographical distribution of meatspace events: 3 each in North America and Europe.)

17) The winner from each WD round 1 tournament advances to the WD Finals. (Runner-up taking his place if necessary.) Two round 1 tournaments may be combined into a "double header", qualifying two finalists. [As Rotterdam failed to draw the expected 14 players, the fourth European finalist was determined by comparing the results of the second placed players in the three European events. Mark Applin from the UK had the best record but withdrew, so Ocke Rörden who had the second best record went to the finals.]

18) The WD '99 Finals will take place on IRC, starting in September.

World Domination '99 Prizes

Prizes for players from WD round 1 on are donated by Wizards of the Coast US (many thanks to Jennifer Clarke Wilkes) and will include:

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